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Meet Xeelo. The most innovative business tool

Xeelo is a software platform which will increase your existing business performance exponentially. Whether you need to refine your existing ERP, better integrate many different systems and control master data, or just need a simple standalone workflow/document management tool for your business users to be more effective, Xeelo is the way to go.

It integrates painlessly with your key systems, helping you build on your existing IT investments and tools without having to replace applications that work. It will bring a new element of user friendly automation to your business and provide a single control center & dashboard to monitor your corporate performance and efficiency.

Fully configurable

Xeelo is built so that you never need to write any code. It has been designed as a self service tool, with a drag & drop interface to quickly design forms, approval emails and build workflow steps.

Integrates with existing systems

Xeelo was built to overlay all of your existing systems, to ensure existing IT investments are harvested while business friendliness and efficiency is improved. You don’t need to replace any of your existing systems, Xeelo sits on top of them.

Extremly low TCO

Our aim is 100% employee adoption. Therefore, every user who needs to submit requests is free. You pay just for those who decide and approve. You can choose between perpetual and subscription licensing models.

Approve from your phone

Xeelo offers many ways how you can manage your approvals. If you are often on the go, you might like approvals through your mobile device. Just use e-mail notifications with clickable tiles like inside the application, or click on the link to open the request in your browser. Alternatively, you can just reply on that e-mail by specific word to approve or refuse the request.

Xeelo has been designed by managers like you with years of real life business experience and an understanding of how to improve process efficiency and bring strategy to life in complex corporate environments.