Xeelo is a software platform that will increase your existing business performance exponentially. Whether you need to refine your existing ERP, better integrate many different systems and control master data, or just need a simple standalone workflow or document management tool for your business users to be more effective, Xeelo is the way to go.


A powerful platform for managing your business processes, requests and approvals quickly and easily.


A unique platform for managing your data from one single point.


A system for handling and distribution of your documents.

Fully configurable

You will never ever need to write a single line of code. No matter how complex the process Xeelo can handle it without coding.

Adjustable in minutes

Xeelo is designed as a self service tool, which saves you time and money when changing processes. Changes are a matter of minutes.

Powerful BI

With Xeelo you get ability to measure performance of your business with results clearly visualised via Power BI.

Seamlessly integrable

It integrates easily with all your systems, building on your existing IT investments and tools without having to replace any of them.

Xeelo has an intuitive design and friendly features that easily learnt and reduces the time staff spend on pushing paper and chasing approvals. It helps centralize all business information & process data into a single place from where you can manage the entire organization.

All you need is a browser. Xeelo is responsive so that can be used on any device and any platform.



Xeelo covers all your business processes – from finance, human resources, asset management, governance to IT and other areas of your business.

All your employees can start using Xeelo immediately and most of them will be for free.

In Xeelo, you only pay for those users who approve. On average, it’s less than 15% of all users.

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