From May 2018 the EU GDPR will change the way companies process all kinds of customer and personal data, a require additional training for their employees as well as new contracts and data privacy procedures within all companies.

Is your company ready for making this transition?


The new regulation was created to address outdated data protection laws, made obsolete by the exponential growth of social media and cloud storage trends, specifically addressing more and more frequent data security breach issues and data/identity thefts.

The first step to ensuring compliance with the new regulation will require a major revision of each company’s internal systems and data process management and security, as well as new procedures and job positions to help ensure data is properly protected and managed.

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Managing the change has never been easier with Xeelo Data Privacy solution

Xeelo DPS allows effortless handling of all data privacy incidents together with managing and auditing of various deployment processes in the organisation, such as:
_ Employee’s trainings and related attendance records
_ Employee’s education on new procedure guidelines and their sign-off
_ New employment and legal contracts
_ Customer privacy requests, issues and so much more…


Map and configure all your processes

Xeelo is designed to manage your masterdata across all corporate systems, and integrates seamlessly on top of all existing software. This will ensure that any changes & even views of sensitive data is auditable, and fully authorized.

In addition, we fully support all of Microsoft’s masking & encryption techniques,
to secure your data both on-premise and in the cloud.


Extend Xeelo further

With Xeelo you can rapidly expand your digital transformation process and ensure compliance with GDPR legislation. Xeelo is able to help you to dynamically and quickly configure all your processes to work in a new digital world.