You may find that the licensing model of Xeelo is different from what you have seen with other systems so far. You are right!

Our aim is to achieve 100% user adoption in every company. Therefore all users who need to submit requests are always free. You don’t need to change the way your company operates in order to save money on license costs. In Xeelo, you only pay for those named users who approve/process a request.

Need to use Xeelo as a service? Or prefer to operate on your own infrastructure? We offer both! (or a Hybrid Cloud option for testing)



A user who submits requests or only reviews data.

Always for free


A user who works with a request.

Pricing below


Pay as you Go

Pay only for active approvers in a calendar month.

Active approver is a user who took at least one decision within a calendar month.


Buy a perpetual license that lasts forever.

Updates and other benefits are only available with an active maintenance agreement.


  • Startups (per approver)
    48 €
    • Free updates installation
    • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
    • Dedicated tenant
    • Medium server capacity
    • Max. 30 users
  • Additional server (per server)
    179 €
    • Optional
    • For Dev/Test environment
    • Unlimited free test licenses
    • Medium capacity
    • 2 CPU and 3,5 GB RAM
The minimum commitment in both models is 10 invoiced users per month.
Medium server capacity contains 2 CPUs and 3,5 GB RAM. Large server capacity contains 4 CPUs and 7 GB RAM, and grows further with the approver base.


  • Perpetual (per approver)
    1200 €
    • Run on your infrastructure
    • Free updates while under maintenance
    • 20% Annual Maintenance
    • Free 1st year of maintenance
  • Pay as you Go (per approver)
    48 €
    • Run on your infrastructure
    • Free updates
    • Free technical support
    • Pay only for active approvers each calendar month
The following maintenance variants are available in the Perpetual model:
1-year commitment: Standard 20% maintenance fee counted from the list price (eg. to cover 2nd year after purchase)
3-year commitment: Discounted 18% maintenance fee counted from the list price (eg. to cover the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year after purchase)
5-year commitment: Discounted 15% maintenance fee counted from the list price (eg. to cover from 2nd to 6th year after purchase)

Need to see an illustrative example of how a company is being licensed?